Chinese Immigrant in Canada

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The Canadian government currently promotes immigration. But throughout the history of immigration, the Canadian government has discriminated against Chinese immigrants. In the following paragraphs, I will be looking at when the first members of the group came to Canada, why they came here, and also prejudice & discrimination. The first group of Chinese immigration came to Canada at around 1858 for economic needs. Chinese immigration into British Columbia began with the discovery of gold in the Fraser valley. Most of them are settled in the West of Canada. They worked the gold fields and when the gold was depleted they moved into gardening, farming, domestic service, road construction and then as railway builders. When the Canadian Pacific Railway was constructed .between 1881 and 1885, Chinese were brought in from China to help build the railway. Between 1881 and 1884, over 15,000 Chinese came to Canada. About 6,500 of these were employed directly by the Canadian Pacific Railroad. In the time, there was prejudice against the Chinese, and they were paid only half the wage of white workers. According to Hughes (2005) , a Victoria newspaper was welcoming: "We have plenty of room for many thousands of Chinamen. … There can be no shadow of a doubt but their industry enables them to add very largely to our own revenues." (p.42). As soon as the Canadian Pacific Railroad was completed, the Federal Government restricts the immigration of Chinese to Canada as Chinese labor was no longer needed. The Chinese faces a situation as the following:

However, Canada’s immigration policy was not equally generous for Chinese immigrants. For example, instead of offering the Chinese an opportunity to come and settle in Canada, the government passed two laws to prevent Chinese immigration. The most significant discrimination is Head Tax. The head tax was: So, this is the first law that the Canadian government passed, in 1885 to prevent Chinese immigration. The law forced every...
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