Chinese Dynasties

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Chinese Dynasties

The Xia Dynasty, 2070-1600 BC, was an important dynasty for the Chinese civilization and their history. It brought an end to the Primitive Society and brought up a new trend, the slave society. Towards the end of the Xia Dynasty, social conflicts grew and they were forced to go to war. The people were tired of dealing with all of with all the things they were forced to do for their leader so they fled in large numbers and were soon ruled by the Shang Dynasty.

The Shang Dynasty, 1600-1046 BC, was in the middle of China’s Bronze Age and made great contributions to the Chinese civilization. It was the first dynasty of the Chinese civilizations to have written records and archaeological evidence. The Zhou Dynasty invaded the Shang Dynasty and took over. They attacked the Shang because they believed their king was evil.

The Zhou Dynasty, 1046- 256 BC, which was subdivided into the Spring and Autumn periods. During these periods, China consisted of small states and the Warring States. Also, Confucianism, Legalism, and Daoism were around this time. The Zhou Dynasty had expanded so much that it was becoming impossible to handle and all the Warring States went their own separate ways.

The Qin Dynasty, 221-206 BC, redefined China by uniting the Warring States. During this time, legalism was the only given official authorization. The only way the emperor kept his nation together was to have all of his subjects to think the same way. When the emperor died, China went crazy and a rebellion against the Qin dynasty followed, leading to the Han dynasty.

The Han Dynasty, 25-220 AD, can be divided into two parts, Former and the Later Han. The first public school system, paper, porcelain, etc. was all created during the Former Han Dynasty. Also, Confucianism was the state philosophy. The Han Dynasty collapsed because of government corruption, rebellions, and much more.

The Sui Dynasty, 581-618 CE, began an artistic and cultural renaissance. Also,...
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