Chinese Crime Group

Topics: Organized crime, Gang, Federal Bureau of Investigation Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: October 7, 2010
The Chinese crime group called Fuk Ching is active in New York City. This group is reported as one of the most powerful and transnationally active Chinese organized crime groups in the United States. It is said they only have 35 members in this gang and another 20 members in prison. This group mainly operates extortion and protection rackets in the Chinatown part of New York City. Chinese organized crime gangs are different from others because their structure is different. Chinese gangs have a relationship between street gangs and an adult organization, these are called tongs. The Fuk Ching organization has a relationship with the Fukien American Association. The Fukien American Association has tongs with other groups as well. With the Fuk Ching organization having a relationship with the Fukien American Association and them having ties with other gangs the Fuk Ching can operate on any of the gangs territory that is associated with the Fukien American Association. This provides more criminal opportunity such as protecting gambling operations as well as supplying money and guns.

Chinese gangs such as Fuk Ching use violence within the gang as well as againsti rival gangs to make individual gain. Chinese organized crime groups use "kong so" which is peaceful negotiations when there are disputes over territory and criminal markets within tong groups. If it is not possible for "kong so" the resolution becomes violent with the use of guns against rival gang members. The Fuk Ching gang is a very violent one but the use of their violence is not refined or focused. For this group it is not the organized use of violence to protect or gain territory. Instead they use random acts of violence, with guns that is engaged by anyone in the gang. Sometimes this violence is endorsed and sometimes it is not.

The Fuk Ching, like I said earlier operates extortion and rackets. This group is heavily involved in human trafficking meaning they are kidnapping humans and bringing...

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