Chinese Cinderella

Topics: Family, Sibling, English-language films Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: October 29, 2008
In the book “Chinese Cinderella” there was a lot of things that were significant to Adeline. There were things that were very important to her, things and people that she trusted more than her own brothers, sister, and parents. One thing was P.L.T he was a small duckling that was given to her, along with several others for her siblings, by a family member. He meant the world to her. P.L.T was short for Precious Little Treasure; I chose this item because she cherished him as if he were her own child. “It comforted me to know I was needed.”(73). She never felt useful for anything before. “Apart from Aunt Baba, you’re the only one who’s always there for me, the only one who understands.” She felt that P.L.T was one of the two beings that understood her. Adeline won plenty of rewards for leading her class. “How wonderful my triumph had become Father’s triumph!”(11). this was the first time she was acknowledged by her father. She was overwhelmed with excitement when he told her that he was proud and to keep doing well in school so that she could bring honor to the Yen family. This was the first time he ever talked to her or even looked her way. This made her other siblings jealous. Aunt Baba’s treasure box was also important to Adeline because in this box contained all of her report cards and medals. Aunt Baba kept them because it was a reminder to her of how great Adeline did in school.” She took the key from a gold chain around her neck and placed my certificate underneath her jade bracelet, pearl necklace and diamond watch, as if my award were also some precious jewel impossible to replace.”(2) That meant a lot to her because finally something she achieved was important to somebody. She hadn’t been acknowledged for anything ever before. I have placed an old cloth in the box because Adeline is given Big sister’s old clothes to wear. “I had nothing to wear but an old pink qipao that had been handed down by Big sister when she grew out of it.” She was only given...
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