Chinese Cartoons vs Japanese Animations

Topics: Chinese art, Anime, Manga Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: May 21, 2009
Chinese Cartoons VS Japanese Animations
Since Hang Zhou held the first International animation exhibition of China in 2004, and set the target to make Hang Zhou an International animation city, the development of Chinese cartoons has been put under public attention. Recent years has seen rapid improvement in Chinese comics and cartoons. While compared with Japan, the well-recognized kingdom of comics and animations, Chinese cartoons seem to have a long way to go. In fact, Chinese animation has quite a brilliant start. In 1941, China produced the first animated feature in Asia- "Princess Tie Shan". The Japanese animation originator Osamu Tezuka, whose masterpiece《Astroboy》has been well-known among several generations all over the world, once said that he began to take on the work as a cartoonist under the impact of the classical Chinese cartoon 《Monkey King》.However, Chinese animation gradually lost its competitiveness to the dynamistic animations from Japan and America in 1980s. Without exception, the core of an industry is its conception. To animation industry, how it locates itself in the market matters a lot. Since 1980s, Japan has established the target position of animation as a fashion for people in a range of ages. Thanks to the TV rating system in Japan, animations catering to different ages and interests can be well managed. Keeping up with the fashion tides, various animations and comics are springing up to attract audiences and comic readers. In contrast, Chinese animation industry aims for little children alone. As a result, there is a general idea among Chinese people that animations and comics are only for low-age children. Thus Chinese animation is confined as an enjoyable way of education and instruction. Due to different conceptions, animations in the two countries turn out to be quite different both in content and form. Focusing on the hot issues and typical phenomenon of the times, Japanese animations show a real social state, express...
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