Chinese Art

Topics: China, Tang Dynasty, Han Dynasty Pages: 3 (735 words) Published: April 11, 2005
Chinese Art

The Chinese culture is a very interesting topic to learn about. They have many beliefs, customs and traditions that make them unique. Art was very important to the Chinese culture. It was a way to express or symbolize emotions. The Chinese display many different styles as well as techniques to express who they truly are and believe.

Art began in China in stone structures. Large carvings were carried out by families rather than one particular person. Throughout the years, Chinese art has evolved into carvings, weavings, ceramics, wall paintings, silk paintings, sculpture, and a technique known as origami. The International Exhibition of Chinese Art which opened on November 27th, 1935, formed a remarkable collection of Chinese art. It illustrated the culture of China for many years.

Carvings were a very popular Chinese technique of displaying art. Many of these carvings were inspired by Buddhist, a sacred Chinese religion. They are very rare and priceless works of art. In early China, cauldrons of bronze were also carved with maps and pictures of products of the provinces of China. Carvings

were essential to China.
Another form of art in China was the weaving of textiles. The earliest Chinese silk weavings were found by Sir. Aurel Stein during his third Central Asian expedition in the year 1914. They display much of the tradition and exquisite customs of China. Many symbols were also demonstrated in these silks. Dragons, animals, birds, horsemen, cloud-scrolls and floral stems were all incorporated in the textiles.

Throughout China a great number of paintings have been come across over the years, however not all survived. Three hundred wall paintings by the greatest of Chinese masters, WuTao-tzu were all destroyed. Also, a vast collection of silk paintings were unfortunately burned. Many Chinese paintings, fortunately, are in fact preserved. The exhibition at Burlington House held a...
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