Chinease theory of discovery of America

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Chinese theory
There are many theories or ideas on who discovered America first. Many people believe it was Christopher Columbus, the Vikings, or in my case some believe that the Chinese arrived here before Columbus. It is believed by some people that Chinese sailors beat Columbus to America by more than 70 years. Anthropologists, archaeologists, historians and linguists have debunked or out ruled much of the evidence that has been gathered over the years to support this theory. It has been named the 1421 Theory.

It is said that sometime 10,000 years ago, the people from China are believed to have crossed over the Bering land bridge from Siberia to what is now Alaska. From there, they are believed to have spread out over the course of millennia. Once they got here they started diverging genetically and populating North and South America. The problem is that the only real evidence they have is maps and some artifacts, which from carbon dating trace back to 2200 B.C. These generally have been found on the coasts of Florida, South Carolina, New York and Canada.

Many people believe this theory due to evidence found, like artifacts and maps. Also many people were convinced by books written by scientists, archeologists, and historians. One of these books is 1421: The Year China Discovered America, by Gavin Menzies. It is said that he tells and describes the theory so well. I do believe that it could be possible that China arrived here before Columbus but there are many holes in the theory according to some historians. But over all I do not believe that they beat columbus to the Americas. There just isn't enough proof and any kind of written or physical evidence to show or prove to me in any way that they were for sure here about 70 years before Christopher Columbus. So I would have to turn down this theory due to the lack of proof given. Citations

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