Topics: Singapore, Overseas Chinese, Chinatown, Singapore Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: April 3, 2013
I went on a heritage trail to Chinatown and I learnt a lot about Chinatown in Singapore and its long history and I also learnt more about the culture there at Chinatown. Explanations were made by our tour guide on the origins of different names of the roads and streets in Chinatown, for example Pagoda Street and Temple Street. We were also brought to places in Chinatown such as Sri Mariamman Temple. I learnt about the beginning of Chinatown, about how Chinatown came about. When the British took over Singapore, they came up with the Raffles Town Plan and basically the British government allocated different places in Singapore to different races, mainly Kampong Glam for the Malays, Chinatown for the Chinese, Little India for the Indians and European Town for the Europeans. While working with my group members on the RICH Fest project, I learnt more information that I did not catch on the day itself and also had a recap on what we learnt when we needed to put down the information into the PowerPoint presentation. I feel that Chinatown is very unique as it came back from years ago and is still around up to today. As a Chinese, I see the importance of preserving such places as it represents the Chinese in Singapore and is part of our heritage. It also symbolises part of the Raffles Town Plan which was created years back then. I did well for this project in certain areas, while in certain areas I did not do as well. I feel that I was of a great help in creating the PowerPoint presentation as I was good in utilising the software and knew most of the basic functions of the software. I also took some pictures during the heritage trail to Chinatown which turned out to be useful and ended up in our presentation. If I were to be given a similar project in the future, I will improve on my hearing skills, as I was not sure of some information during this project while my group members were discussing. I would also try to improve on keeping on task during the project as I was...
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