China's One Child Policy

Topics: Demography, People's Republic of China, Overpopulation Pages: 4 (1407 words) Published: March 19, 2014
China's One Child Policy
Throughout the 20th Century, China's population has increased drastically from 582 million in 1953 to 1.25 billion people in 1999. In order to control the increasing population China has put the 'One Child Policy' in place. This policy only lets families have one child. The policy has prevented 400 million births that China could not maintain. But there are punishments for not following the policy and rewards for abiding by it.

The situation is the One Child Policy in China that forces families to have only one child. If a family that cannot have a second child chooses to have one, the baby would either be aborted, or if the baby has been born, they will be fined. If the family cannot pay the fine their homes are confiscated. Many families don't register these babies so they don't pay the fines. Although this policy does have advantages, it does have disadvantages also. The policy had been planned from 1977, but 1979 is when it actually took effect and became a law. The One Child Policy occurred because China is very overpopulated. There were too many people in China and the economy was stretched to a point where there was either no development or the economy kept getting worse. It's hard to find a job when the country is overpopulated. There was a problem with food and space to live. China is way too populated with 1.35 billion people. 20% or 1/5 of the world's population lives in China. Here is a map of where China is located.

The people affected are families and children in China. The exceptions are that rural families can have a second child is the first one is a girl or is disabled, families in which neither of the parents have siblings can also have a second child, and ethnic minorities and foreigners can have as many children as they want. The child is affected by the '4-2-1' problem. This means that the one adult child has to care for and support his or her...
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