China vs. India

Topics: Working class, Developing country, Democracy Pages: 4 (1485 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Celebrations were held when the seven billionth baby was born this year in Manila Philippines, the large growth of population puts pressure on the economy and government of developing countries. India and China were previously considered third world countries, but they have augmented past that previous label. They are racing to the pinnacle of the world, but only the best will make it. The world’s developing countries have a lot to learn, not just about profit and expenditures, but innovation and quality. India uses many strategies to maintain an economical apex; these include a demographic advantage, a growing democracy as seen through the mass media freedom, and the quality and innovation in India's industrial manufacturing. The higher ratio of working people to dependents leads to a more prosperous economy. In china they currently have a higher ratio of working people to dependents, but they are at their peak. China’s economy is at its highest point, but when the prosperity balloon expands there is always a pop! In India the ratio of working people to dependents is reasonably high. “In India, by contrast, the demographic window of opportunity is still wide open. India will have an important demographic advantage — an increasing percentage of working-age people — that will produce favorable conditions for a demographic dividend until around 2030, when the ratio of working-age people to dependents is expected to peak.” There is said to be “a demographic dividend until around 2030” So throughout the next 18 years India’s economy is growing because of its ratio of working people to dependents. China is currently at the top of the world but slowly as China’s income growth and savings is declining India's is rising to contribute to their economy. “For a minority of the Indian population—but still very large in actual numbers—economic growth alone has been very advantageous, since they are already comparatively privileged and need no social assistance to benefit...
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