China Trade Barriers

Topics: Japan, Republic of China, United Nations Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Japan and China Conflict
William Kennedy
Southern New Hampshire University

Japan and China have been in a conflict that started in 1960 after the United Nations said that the island may contain huge reserves of gas and oil. Not to mention rich fishing grounds. The countries have tried to set its maritime borders with no success. Japan has controlled the islands from 1895 to 1945 when they were transferred to American administration in 1972. The islands were then returned to Japans control but since then China and even Taiwan have claimed ownership. The area is said to contain several trillion cubic feet of natural gas and one hundred billion gallons of oil. The island ownership implications came to a head in September 2010 when a Chinese fishing trawler collided with two Japanese Coast Guard patrol boats. The Japanese detained the captain which prompted the Chinese government to cancel a series of diplomatic meetings. The United States stance is the islands belong to Japan and no other country. Due to the ever increasing stance of China as a super power in the region Japan has taken a new direction. Japan plans to increase their fleet of submarines, tanks and artillery pieces. They also plan to increase their presence in Okinawa and take over the American base there. They also plan to increase it ties and relationships with Australia, India and South Korea and other Southeast Asian countries. Chinese academics and students say they feel relations are better today. I think they are very optimistic. I feel that Japan risks worsening their relations with Japan taking this route of military enrichment. China faces a large ally of Japan in the United States. However there is another major issue that China is a major trading partner. Japan and other countries in the region economies rely on trade with China. Japans needs to increase their diplomatic ties with China for the future and figure a resolve to the Senkaku Islands.


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