China Rise

Topics: People's Republic of China, Communism, International relations Pages: 7 (2134 words) Published: March 15, 2013
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Assess the question of “China’s peaceful rise” from the standpoint of at least two of the paradigms. * -------------------------------------------------

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Realism and liberalism are the two important theoretical frameworks explain and predict the patterns of international relations in general and security in particular. While realism considers the states always are adversaries of each others so world peace is very difficult to realize without a global central authority(Betts), conversely, liberalism treat states are rational entities with benign-oriented commitments so that international peace could be achieved and facilitated under the supports of international institutions such as United Nations. As a new power and a large economy of the world, the ‘peaceful rise’ policy of People Republic of China (PRC) , could be explorered by both paradigms. Based on that comparative study, this essay will find out the contrast and convergence of the two paradigms in the case of the most powerful communist country, but set aside from the viewpoint of Marxism. Additionally, this essay suggests that there is a convergence in explaining for the PRC’s peaceful rise policy from the viewpoints of both paradigms. As a result, a new framework to assess similar international security policies will be proposed. This is an initial effort to invent a new paradigm which is totally different with communism to be best applied in formulating and implementing international security policy which could be applied in a similar country like China to achieve a more peaceful world. As a result, this finding will reject the assumption that communism is the theoretical framework used to achieve this policy and incline with the finding from Fukuyama (p.7) that even though Marxism distorted of Hegel’s theory, but some followers still can adjust the failure of that system and can use a new paradigm to reform to achieve a secure and friendly environment. Consequently, the new framework will be applied to solve contemporary international security issues ahead such as terorism, violance and and to build better world relations as well as a longterm world peace. This paradigm could be applied in the case of China and will be proposed to pacify European Union. * -------------------------------------------------

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PRC’s peaceful rise policy could be implied as a ressilent path to balance against the domination of The United States of America (USA), the world leading power. That initiative aims to improve the current status of China which is still not yet mature enough to eligible a counter-part of USA, however this maybe a positive step that can establish a future check and balance mechanism, under a ‘invisible hand’ arrangement, which could also include EU. However, this essay will find out the drawback in the case of a Communist country like PRC but the best candidate who can successfully apply is European Union. * -------------------------------------------------

Peace full rise, could be named as “peaceful development”, is a new policy devised by the fouth generation of Chinese leaders (Pan 2006) * -------------------------------------------------
Firstly, we explore the ideas of realism as a way to explain the rise of China in a peaceful manner. Even though already a permanent member of Security Council, however, with an anarchic international system, China still depends on other powers to be able to develop their nation without wars. Rationally, fail to comply with the game rule may lead him to serious penalty. For example, the punishment from international powers in the event of Tiamem or the Tibet may impact negative on China growth. Moreover, the Iraq...

References: * -------------------------------------------------
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