China Responded to Imperialism

Topics: China, Opium, Japan, First Opium War, Tea, Opium Wars / Pages: 2 (496 words) / Published: Mar 16th, 2013
Essay: C/C the ways in which Japan and China
Responded to western imperialism in
The 19th century

China and Japan both had different reactions to western imperialism. Japan and China shared the fear of foreign influence, China continued to resist foreign influence and ultimately, after losing the Opium War, and was taken over by Western powers while Japan allowed foreign influence and used it to their own advantage. China clung to its xenophobia and ultimately lost its independence. China sold tea to Britain but refused to buy British products. Consequently, Britain smuggled opium into China in order to balance trade between the two countries. The Chinese government became angered that opium addiction became rampant. China and Britain dealt with their disagreement and went to war about the addicts of opium. China lost the war and due to that fact of their lost they were over thrown and ruled by Britain. China was forced to trade due to the treaty of Nanjing, due to that treaty the Chinese were forced to accept opium and trade their tea to Britain. Japan was against of the western imperialism. They soon knew they had no choice whether they wanted to trade of too other countries. As a result of commodore Matthew Perry arrived in 1853 he forced Japanese to trade with western countries because they had further more technology. Since they were forced by commodore Matthew to trade they decided that the Japan had to send Samurais to the western to learn the techniques of the western imperialism. This meant that as Samurai’s learn the western politics and techniques and come back to Japan use the technique’s against western countries. Japan and china both shared the fear of imperialism. They were both forced to trade of to the westerner’s. China was under the treaty of Nanjing and also under Britain power, couldn’t do anything but to accept their trade off with tea to the British and opium to their Chinese citizens. Japan wanted to be left alone and

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