China One Child Policy

Topics: One-child policy, People's Republic of China, Demography Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: December 3, 2014

When did it start?
China's one-child policy started in 1978 but did not take effect until 1979. It is created by Chinese leader Deng Xiao ping. This is to solve the over population in China. It has thus been in place for more than 36years. It is started because of the population is too high in China nowadays. How did it worked?

It is put in a place as a population control strategy restricting married couples to having one child. When the birth rates have decrease in the year and the death rate is steady .Than China will get a lower population. This policy only applies to Han Chinese and other Chinese minorities. And if families follow this plan than there child will get education, health care, pensions and family benefits. These are taken away if the couple have more than one child. Table about benefits and problem caused by the one child polic Benefits


Better for China's environment
Abuse towards women
Less pollution
Forced abortion effects the one child in various ways
Less suffer
Killing of innocent girl
Enough resources to go round
Those who had more than one child didn't receive these benefits and were fined. Decreased over crowdedness
Lead to an aging population because of less children
Always enough to eat
To much pressure on hentai server

How will the current population structure affect Chinese life in future? Before the population problem happened China is a poor and weak country. When China is starting to develop many factory were build. As a result, people want to have more children to keep their family enough. Other problem is many thousands of young girls have been abandoned by their parents as the result of the one child policy. Many parents in China prefer to have a boy to carry on the family name. As a result large numbers of girls have either ended up in orphanages, homeless or in some cases killed. Also, 90% of foetuses aborted in China are female. The graph below shows the...
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