China Mesopotamia and Mayan

Topics: Mesopotamia, Sumer, Maya civilization Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: October 6, 2013
China, Mesopotamia and Mayan

Over the course of history many powerful civilizations were around way before the Common Era. In these civilizations there are three that interest me the most; China, Mesopotamia and Mayan. These three civilizations were around the same time period. They share many similarities but each civilization is unique in their own way. That could be: Religion, Government, Social Structure etc.

Mesopotamia (The land between two rivers) is known as one of the oldest civilization ever found. It lay between two rivers; The Euphrates and the Tigris. These rivers flooded inconsistently causing fresh water to flow into their region. Sumer, located further southeast in Mesopotamia, was a very prospering city. It led to increase food supplies and that caused an increase in human population. Many Semitic (Arabs and Jewish) people migrated to Sumer, bringing with them their languages such as: Akkaidian, Aramaic, Hebrew and Phoenician. One of the first “Sumerian governments were probably assemblies of prominent men who made decisions on behalf of the whole community” (Bentley 28).

On the other side of Mesopotamia was northern part. There the Sargons of Akkad were forming. These empires emerged as Semitic peoples such as the Akkadians and the Babylonians and began to overshadow Sumerians. The Sagon of Akkad formed into an empire and represented a historical experiment. He travel from city to city in Mesopotamia and made the population provide food, lodging and financial support whenever Sargon and his forces descended upon them. At the high point of his power, he had control over all Mesopotamia and his armies explored as far as the Mediterranean.

As time went on his army weakened because of the rebellion of the city-states and also because of the invasion by people who wanted power.Hammurabi and the Baylonian Empire followed his example. He improved on Sargons administrative techniques by rely on taxes and bureaucracy. Hammurabi then...
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