China Lost Girls

Topics: One-child policy, Abortion, People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: November 28, 2012
China’s Lost Girls

China is largest population in the world because of that Chinese government decided a policy which is one-child policy. A family has only one child, but some case a family can have second child if they pay to government. One of big issue in China is balance of gender which means man’s population is much larger than female’s. Chinese people want to have a boy because a man carries the family name in Chinese culture; therefore, thousands of Chinese girls are aborted, hidden, abandoned, or even killed. Some of these girls are adapted to American family, but adaption takes more than a year. Many American families are waiting for adopted child. After they apply adoption, they can receive adopted child’s picture; however, they have to wait about one year to meet the child and cannot know anything about their adopted child until they meet them. In addition, the American families paid few thousands dollar for adoption, and the money goes to Chinese government. On the other hand, other girls stay their entire childhood in institution of child welfare or their parents or relative sold them. Many Chinese girls are sold to somewhere and their life is horrible. For example, a girl was beaten up and broke her leg and arm so that some organization save these female, or other organization campaign for sexual equality.

In conclusion, this issue is bigger and bigger in China; therefore, few years later many men cannot marry because of imbalance of gender problem. And also, most families have only one child in their family so that many kids are spoiled in China.

I knew about china's one child policy but I did not know boys are so important than girls; even girls are aborted, hidden, abandoned, or even killed. I was so surprised. I am happy for those girls who were adapted to American family; however, still many other girls have tough life. I think that this is very difficult issue because population of China is huge; however, government...
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