China “Creative” Food Industry Scandal

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China “Creative” Food Industry Scandal
Nowadays people seem more and more care about the food security because it directly affects people’s physical activity. While in some developing countries, this kind of focus has been weakened by the rash in pursuing economical development. After astonishing scandals of poisonous milk powder and illegal gutter oil, recently the Chinese media has exploded with another breaking news of food industry, which is called fake mutton used in hot-pot and barbecue. Similar to the real mutton, the fake mutton is composed by the lean part and fat part with the special smell of mutton. It is seemingly in good quality but instead it is made of duck, fox, mink and even rat, which makes people shocked. There is no doubt that at the moment the news came out, there are hundreds tons of the fake mutton has sneak into markets. As the Chinese Department of Industry and Commerce and police worked hard together to smash these illegal meat traders, the Chinese people becomes more and more alert for the food safety. However, behind the scandal of the fake mutton, there is ringing a warning bell for the Chinese food industry and markets---be more responsibility for the sake of people. Review of Related Scandals

In November 2008, “six infants died from kidney stones and other kidney REN 2 damage, together with about 300,000 victims and 54,000 babies being hospitalized,” one of a Chinese newsman said. The cause of this tragedy later turned out to be the poisonous milk powder, which was made in an illegal producing process with unknown illegal ingredient. An imbalance in certain chemicals of the fake milk leads to disturbances in babies’ kidney function and even death. At that moment, the news attracted the whole world and the World Health Organization and Food Safety Authority etc. also involved in the investigation. The illegal traders of poisonous milk powder were condemned...
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