China and Western Religious Beliefs

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China and western religious beliefs

Thesis statement:Culture is the soul of the country, and religious culture is an important part of the nation culture. This paper compares the differences between Chinese and western religious culture. to see their differences and similarities, and a tentative explanation is given to the differences of these two systems from the aspect of culture as to illustrate the role they play in their own society. Outline:

1. Introduction
2.1 The history of English religious
2.2 The history of China religious
2. Comparison between Chinese and English religious beliefs 2. 1 Similarities
2. 2 Differences
3. sino-occidental religious culture impact on society 4. Conclusion
Works cited
In the early human social, Religious includes world explanation, judicial, moral cultivation and mental comfort, and other functions. In modern society, science and judicial have separated from some religious, but the moral training and mental comfort function will continue to exist. Religion’s belief systems and social groups are an important part of human thought culture and social form. 1.1 The History of Christianity

The History of Christianity is the study of the religion started by a Jewish prophet from Nazareth named Jesus. Christianity would grow into one of the world's major religions, impacting all other religions and changing the course of human history. Christian history mainly concerns the Christian religion and Church, up to contemporary times and denominations. Christianity differs most significantly from the other Abrahamic religions in its claim that Jesus Christ is God the Son. The vast majority of Christians believe in a triune God consisting of three unified and distinct persons: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Throughout its history, the religion has weathered schisms and theological disputes that have resulted in many distinct churches. The largest branches of Christianity are the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Protestant Churches. Christianity began spreading initially from Jerusalem, and then throughout the Near East, ultimately becoming the state religion of Armenia in 301 , of Ethiopia in 325,of Georgia in 337, and then the State church of the Roman Empire in 380. Becoming common to all of Europe in the Middle Ages, it expanded throughout the world during Europe's Age of Exploration. Christianity has thus become the world's largest religion. 1.2 The History of china religious

Confucianism, also known as Confucianism, the Confucian doctrine, otherwise known as Confucianism, but does not refer to religion. Confucius as the master of Confucianism, so there is called Confucianis. Confucian classics formed in times of Confucius, but in different age the interpretation of Confucian classics are very different, so it is difficult get a comprehensive define to the Confucian. Essence of Confucianism can be said of social ethics and social management, ethics, or religious interpretation, but not the religion. Ming and Qing dynasties look the Neo-Confucianism that formed in Song Dynasty as official theory so the Neo-Confucianism has spread as mainstream of Confucianism. Comparison between Chinese and English religious beliefs

2.1 The Similarities
They have the same background, the Christian was created When the Jews were ruled by The Roman Empire, Jews look forward to a person just like the farseer said who can take them moving towards freedom. While China, Confucianism and Taoism are created when the people were suffering in pain during the Warring States period, 2.2 The Differences

1. Separation of Man and God in Western religions and unity of that in China

original sin is the foundation of Christian theory and practice . Because human ancestors, Adam and eva had sinned, corrupt moral invaded their body, and Transmitted to their descendants, the result is...
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