China and Japan under Imperialism

Topics: United States, China, Japan Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: February 11, 2001
China/Japan Under Imperialism

Japan was to old ways they were using traditions that were thousands of years old and they Japanese were shut off and isolated for the rest of the world they really didn't get vary many visitors from other places and when they did I think they welcomed them to find out what they had and how the thing they had could be useful to there people. They welcomed modernization they were amazed by the power and the technology that the United States had when they were there. China was also to the old ways of living. They didn't welcome modernization they thought that they were a independent nation and in a state they were they had every thing they needed at there finger tips they had coal mines that brought out thousands of pounds of coal and they had all of the food they need to feed millions of people. The treaty of Nanjing

The treaty of Nanjing was a result from the opium wars. It started when the British didn't have a lot of things that they could trade with. So, they started trading opium. People in china got addicted to the drug and there was a huge need for the drug in the country. China got pissed and in 1939 there war a battle at sea Chinas ships were no match for the British's ships. The treaty was a peace treaty and the British gained the island of Hong Kong. Treaty of Kanagawa

The Treaty of Kanagawa was basically to force Japan to trade and to give the United States Ships anything they need and that they would pay them for what they took from them if they did not do that then the U.S. would return with a fleet 3 times the size of what they had with them. This treaty modernized Japan and made a population boom and gave the U.S. fine clothing and cotton. Reform Attempts

Japan was right up their with all of the other countries in the world they could take on any country tectonically anytime. They were also the strongest Asian culture in the world at the time. Japan had a huge economic boost they had ambassadors to view other...
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