China and India

Topics: Mexico City, Mesoamerica, Lake Texcoco Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: December 13, 2012
The Aztecs and the Sudanic states are different in that the Aztecs used Brute force to gain power and the Sudanic states rose to power peacefully, and the Aztecs believed in many gods and Mali , Songhay, and Ghana were all monotheistic, and they were similar in that they both had a lot of gold that was highly valued by others.

The Aztecs were different to the Sudanic States in that the Sudanic states rose to power peacefully and the Aztecs used brute force to rise to power. The Aztecs fought over Lake Texcoco and gained control of Tenochtitlan after killing and taking captive of their enemies. Sudanic states rose to power peacefully by combining all of their regional city-states to form an empire. The Aztecs rose to power with force because the other civilizations had the same objective as the Aztecs and weren’t going to let them have it. The Sudanic states rose to power peacefully because the regional city states were cooperative and agreed to combine to form one empire. The Aztecs had daily sacrifices for their god which contributed to their violent nature.

The Aztecs were different than the Sudanic states in that the Aztecs were polytheistic and Mali, Songhay, and Ghana were all monotheistic. The Aztecs had daily sacrifices for their gods and putting fear into their enemies and allies who later betrayed them during the Spanish inquisition led from Spain. Mali and Songhay gained a lot of wealth from trading with other Islamic civilizations leading to a great period of wealth. The Aztecs were Polytheistic because they believed that a different god was responsible for everything that happened to them. The Sudanic states were monotheistic because they believed that their only god was Allah and their prophet was Muhammad. The Aztecs had temples and pyramids dedicated to, their most important god, Huitzilopochtli.

The Aztecs and Sudanic states were similar in that they had a lot of gold and other civilizations wanted it. In the Sudanic state of Mali the...
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