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Global Business Environment Essay- CB343

Discuss the difference between the concept of 'national' and 'corporate' culture. Analyse the reasons why cross-cultural differences can act as an impediment to business success.

Throughout this essay I am going to look at how culture can differ within an organisation on a national level as well as a corporate level and then go on to suggest ways in which theses differences can affect the success of a business. Firstly I feel a few key terms need to be defined and clearly understood to allow the question to be answered properly. In my opinion theses terms would be 'national' and 'corporate' culture, along with cross-cultural differences.

Even within a culture there are many groupings and levels that are present within each individuals mental outlook. These include cultural layers such as, national culture, regional culture, gender, generation, social as well as corporate culture. I will touch on these all very briefly in the main body of my essay but concentrate mainly on the national and corporate layers of culture. (

National Culture can be described as,

“ The result from one nation attributing characteristics to another, which can result in stereotyping and prejudice. National culture needs to take account of differences in the groups and communities which all contribute to national culture.” (

If stereotyping and prejudice are occurring in the workplace this can have many detrimental effects on employees and their motivation or ability to work as part of the organisation. I will pay more attention to how this could possibly affect business success later on in the essay.

Corporate culture can be described,

“ The basic assumptions and beliefs held by employees about the organisation they work for.” (

Corporate culture will affect the interaction between diverse groupings within the workplace and like national culture, is very likely to have and effect on how the workforce perform.

I am going to start the main body of my essay providing an outline of the concept of national culture and move on to the concepts of corporate culture, before comparing both of them to find out any ways in which they may be different. I am aware that not all firms are going to view success in the same way and ways can vary differently from firm to firm. For clarity I will touch on how different firms could view the term 'being successful' and measuring their own success.

I will then look at what those aspects that may be considered as a cross-cultural difference and how these factors are going to impede the organisation's success. Finishing with a few basic ideas on how to avoid the problems brought about by cross-cultural differences and how to manage these to become a potentially more successful organisation.

Finally I am going to conclude on any findings from my research and in a short summary, link those findings back to the essay title.

A national culture attributes certain specific characteristics from one nation to another. This can be in the from of stereotyping and grouping all members of a nation together in the same way. An example of national culture could be that the British drink far too much and have a tendency to become violent, giving rise to hooliganism especially in the context of football. To tarnish all football fans with this prejudgement would be incorrect as only a small minority are responsible for causing the trouble.

On the other hand corporate culture refers to an individuals own personal views concerning the organisation they are working for. These views and ideas are likely to be brought about from the employees own experiences in the workplace and are probably going to vary and change over time as they work for the organisation.

The difference between national and organisational or corporate culture would be that national culture is more associated with the nation as a whole and...

References: Mullins L.J. 2007, 'The Organisational Setting ' in 'Management and Organisational Behaviour Eighth Edition '- Financial Times Pitman Publishing imprint, 2007
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