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China's One-Child Policy

By JamesWaHe Oct 21, 2013 454 Words
Chinas One-Child Policy

In 1979 The Chinese government introduced a policy decreeing that each family could only have one child and any family that had more than one would be given an annual fine. In this essay I will answer weather the policy has done what it was made to do. The location of China is in the southeast part of Asia along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. It has an area of 9.6 million square kilometres. Chinas population is currently 1.3 Billion. China is facing problems like a fast aging population, environmental degradation and a large gender imbalance. This is because of china’s one child policy, the one child policy that is enforced in china means that each family can only have one child and because of a gender stereotype a large percentage of parents choose to have male offspring therefore there are a lot more boys.

The government has made different acts to uphold their one child policy like giving out fines to parents with more than one child, not giving the second child basic rights and if they find out about the baby before it is born they will give the mother a forced abortion. Chinas population decreased mildly in 1979 when the one child policy was introduced but soon after health conditions and medical knowledge was increased and there was a large population spike. Chinas policy has been criticized because lots of people believe that being able to choose the amount of children they have is up to them and they find it unfair that they get fined for having more than one child. The ratio of male to female is 124:100 meaning that the boys far outweigh the girls this is because parents invariably prefer male children so that they can be looked after and cared for in their old age this gender imbalance leaves many families bloodlines ending in the boy that they wished for. Some of the males that have been born into the gender imbalance accept that they may never find a partner and they give up trying. I think that although Chinas one child policy is unfair because people should get to choose how large their family is it is completely necessary because if the policy was not introduced china would not be able to cope with the massive population boom. To conclude this essay I would say although there not being a policy would fix Chinas gender imbalance it would put to much pressure on Chinas public resources because there would be a larger demand for almost everything including: Jobs, Health Care, Medical Facilities and all education centres.

By James Watson-Heath.


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