China's Modernization
Topics: Culture, Economic development, Communism, Sociology, Urbanization, Communist state / Pages: 2 (279 words) / Published: Apr 13th, 2013

China’s economic development and modernization programs launched in the past three decades have significantly altered the traditional urban systems in China. Construction of new railroads, development of new energy sources, new agricultural transformation, expansion of new foreign trade, and a rapid process of demographic transition have all contributed to the emergence of a more integrated national urban system in China. In spite of political overtones in China's development policies since several decades ago, the new patterns of urbanization reflect the need to meet the specific realities of resources, cultural values, and social heritage in the nation building process, which are also important parts of modernization. Modernization,which is one of the most important issues in China, does influence on me and people around me a lot. Having lived in China for over 20 years, when it comes to my feeling about the modernization, all that I can remind of are changes of people’s styles of living, people’s ways of thinking, which are really incredible. One of a leading Communist Party officer once said that whether or not China's modernization is successful depends largely on the young people of today”. And we’v been told that we are the future of Chinese modernization since our little age. Simultaneously, government put more and more effort into the education of our young generation. It actually shows our country’s determination to realize the modernization. Totally realizing modernization is a dream, a Chinese dream. We are on the half way to make it happen. Proud to be one of the young generation, what I want to say is that we are ready to come across every opportunity, we are ready to meet every

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