Chin vs Akillian

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In both Paradise of Lies by Chin and Intermission by Akillian, both authors use identity, memory, and sensory responses as their ways to escape their own personal struggles. Each element provides the reader with an emotionally charged feeling. Without identity, memory, and sensory response both authors wouldn’t be able to produce the same message of being able to overcome difficult situations that they are able to. Akillian and Chin both face life’s challenges head on and find ways to conquer life’s insecurities.
In both stories Chin and Akillian struggled with finding their own personal identity. Identity can be defined as set of characteristics by which a thing is definitively recognizable. In Paradise of Lies Chin is constantly lying about her identity. From the start of the story we learn about her up bringing and how she was constantly seeking attention because of her abandonment. Chin would lie about things she wanted but didn’t have. Chin goes on to say “I told no one what I did: I went to him and asked for money to attend the prestigious Mount Alvernia High School for Girls. He agreed, on the condition that I sign a loan agreement — so the moneys could never be used as proof of a guilty paternity.”(Chin,1) Chins father agreed to give her a loan but told her he would only give it to her to keep her from speaking the truth about their relationship, making her hide her true identity. Meanwhile in Akillian’s Intermission both Susan and John struggled with their identity. Sarah is shown as a strong calm woman, but deep down she is grieving at the loss of her child. Akillian also shows identity “I’ve been held, up in Seattle. Chicago Actually. Chicago Sorry”(Akillian, 64) by showing John as a liar because he isn’t truthful to Sarah about where he is. Both stories show how when people have to deal with difficult situations they will struggle in finding their own identity.

Another element that both authors use to enhance their story is...
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