Chilren as Adults

Topics: United States Department of Defense, Youth detention center, Prison Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: April 17, 2011
There are many different opinions on when children should be tried as adults. Some people think that children should pay for crimes that they commit, others think that the kid “did not know better, he or she won’t do it again.” I believe that children cannot be tried as adults, because they aren't adults. Until they reach 18, they shouldn't be held accountable for their crimes. That is not to say that the crimes will go away and pretend like they never happened, children will have to eventually pay for the wrong that they did. Once the defendant legally becomes an adult, 18 in the United States, they should then be tried for their crime, to the maximum extent of the law. Children and their acts have come a long way from centuries ago, the rate of crimes caused be adolescent teenagers has gone up tremendously. In regards to this changed adults feel like they will be overwhelmed by kids turning into violent criminals. As this act goes on adults feel that we need to lock up any body that has caused and disruptions to keep control. In most cases these children are too young to take punishment that big to go straight to prison at 10 years old. At the age of 18 I agree with having them be tried as adults for their mistakes.

For example, A federal is a huge problem. Like we have heard on the news before, there has been reports of kids (primarily teenagers) hacking into the United States Pentagon. For this extenuating circumstance, I believe that the person should be tried as an adult, but shouldn't receive their punishment until they actually become an adult. There was a report of a teenager in Europe or Australia who hacked into the Pentagon. He was not an adult, but they did convict him to Juvenile Detention until age 18, to teach him a lesson, and then the U.S. Department of Defense hired him as lead security for the United States Pentagon.

In the 2nd amendment it states that you have, “the right to bear arms”, which is also stating that you can protect you...
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