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Flue Gas Operated LiBr Absorption Chiller/Heater

Hot Water Operated LiBr Absorption Chiller

Steam Operated LiBr Absorption Chiller

Direct Fired LiBr Absorption Chiller/Heater

Features of Product ············································································································ 2-10 Certificates ·····························································································································11 Our Customers ······················································································································12 1 Flue Gas Type Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller/Heater Trigeneration System ···················································································································13 Flue Gas Type Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller/heater········································································14 ① Flue gas type absorption chiller/heater ··························································································17 Working Principle ···············································································································17-18 Technical Parameters ··········································································································19-20 ② Flue Gas with Direct-fired After Burning Type Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller/Heater ······························21 ③ Flue Gas/Steam Type Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller ··································································22 ④ Flue Gas/Hot Water Type Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller/Heater ·····················································23 ⑤ Flue Gas/Hot Water with Direct-fired After Burning Type Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller/Heater ················24 At least till today we still only have one earth for living, but obvious climate change in recent years linked to greenhouse gas emission reminds human being that immediate measures should be taken to protect our planet well. From Kyoto Protocol, Copenhagen Agreement to Cancun Climate Conference the world has been working hard to promote applications of energy saving solutions and green energy so that reduce emission of greenhouse gas. Acting as one of effective solutions for this purpose, Lithium Bromide Absorption Cooling technology adopts non-volatilization, non-deterioration and pollution-free solution of Lithium Bromide as working medium, recover waste heat existed widely in industrial and commercial area as major driving source for chilled water production, not only helping to raise efficiency of energy consumption but also reducing emission significantly. Since foundation in 1982, in 28 years Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems Co., Ltd have been devoting in supplying solutions and products of energy saving and environmental protection based on Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller/Heat Pump on below milestones, � �

There's Only One Earth, So there's a Responsibility.
In 1985 produced the first LiBr absorption chiller In 1992 drafted the Chinese national standard for LiBr absorption chiller In 1994 set up the only one state-level enterprise technology center for absorption cooling technology in China In 2001 the only one Postdoctoral Scientific Research Work Station was set up In 2003 became the only one public listed company in LiBr absorption chiller industry of China in stock exchange market. In 2009 Installed the largest LiBr Absorption Heat Pump project of the world in China In 2010 developed the first unit of triple effect direct fired LiBr absorption chiller in China

2 H2 Type Direct Fired Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller/Heater Working Principle ····················································································································26-27 Technical Parameters...
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