Chilean Wine Case study

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Field Study – Chilean Wine Industry
Chile country analysis
1. Country Profile:
i. Population: 16,634,603. About 90% of them are classified as white people and mestizos. ii. Currency: Chilean Peso (CLP). Current spot rate: 0.001924 USD/CLP iii. GDP: Its estimate GDP for 2013 is $285.703 billion (38th in the world ranking). It had been growing constantly since 1997 until 2009 (global crisis). Adjusting it at PPP (reflects real purchasing power) it rises to $341.914 billion (43rd in the world ranking). iv. Income distribution: Since July 2013, Chile is considered a high-income economy. The percentage of Chileans beyond the poverty line was only 11.5% back in 2009. In addition, 64% of the population benefits from government welfare programs, which include poor people and those in risk of becoming poor. Nevertheless, the income distribution is still far from being equal, as shown by the GINI Index of 0.503 (2011). This index hasn’t varied much for the past 20 years. v. Approach to International Trade: Since early decades after independence, Chile has always had active involvement in international affairs. Consistent economic policies since the 1980’s have contributed to a steady economic growth, much of it thanks to its international trade. It currently has the highest degree of economic freedom in South America (7th in the world). In the past 15 years Chile has also signed free trade agreements with more than 10 countries (including Japan, US, Mexico, Australia and Canada). In addition, it has economic association with the European Union. Copper is the country’s biggest export, accounting for 36% of global supply. vi. Developing or developed?: Chile was considered an emerging middle income country until, as mentioned before, the World Bank change its rating in July 2013 to high income country, thus becoming a developed country since then. Nevertheless, it’s still far from the level of development of west European or North American countries.

2. Political...
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