Childrens Liturgy for Trinity Sunday

Topics: Trinity, Holy Spirit, Jesus Pages: 4 (1177 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Children’s liturgy – The Most Holy Trinity (Year C) – Sunday 26 May 2013

Preparation of the worship space
Colour: Green
Props: Display a picture of the Trinity or three symbols of the Trinity to remind everyone of this special relationship. Coloured pens and pencils.

Song suggestions:
Father, we adore you (164, Celebration Hymnal for Everyone)

Welcome: Today we hear about how Jesus will send the Holy Spirit to be with the disciples once Jesus has died and returned to heaven. Let's find out how we too can have a relationship with Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Opening prayer: God of relationships, you gave us your Son, you gave us your Spirit, may we always follow you in all that we do and say. Amen.

First reading (optional): Proverbs 8:22-31

Psalm: Psalm 8:4-9. R. v2

Gospel acclamation: everyone stands and sings the acclamation together. Suggestions include: ‘Halle, halle, halle’ (Caribbean) from ‘Sing With the World’, Alison Adam & John Bell; ‘Alleluia’ (Zimbabwe), Abraham Maraire Publications, WCC & GIA; ‘Celtic Alleluia’ (traditional); ‘Alleluia! Raise the Gospel’ from ‘Go Before Us’, Bernadette Farrell, OCP Publications.

Gospel: John 16:12-15

Gospel reflection: What do you remember from today's reading?

This story is part of Jesus' farewell conversation to the disciples before he dies on the cross.

So Jesus is talking to the disciples on the evening before he will be arrested and crucified. The disciples are all aware that this is the last time Jesus is going to be with them all and talk to them. How do you think they felt about this?

Jesus says to the disciples that after he has gone, the Holy Spirit will guide them. The Holy Spirit will be their teacher and will speak to them just as Jesus did when he was alive and with them. The Holy Spirit will show the disciples what they must do and what they must say in Jesus' name. It's a bit like having messages being passed on, just as we all do, through our...
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