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Lecture 4
Are children better off now than they were 50 years ago?
Comparing childhood today with childhood 50 years ago, there are many dramatic changes. There are new forms of media such as television and the internet. Family structures and emphasis on values today are nothing like they were 50 years ago. It was odd if a family did not sit at the dinner table together. Today there is so much going on it is odd to sit at the dinner table together. Even people’s life goals and outlook on life are much different. It is no wonder with all the changes that people believe life for a child is much harder today than it was 50 years ago. Children 50 years ago lived a much more sheltered life than the children of today. A young person’s family should be the strongest influence in their life. It is more work to raise a child today and parents seldom take responsibility for their child’s actions. We need to monitor their friends, their internet use and their phone conversations to keep them on the right track. 50 years ago, mom’s stayed home to take care of the kids and dads went out to work to provide for their families. Life was much more simple back then, although they did not have all the resources that we have today. Today we rely on daycare settings and babysitters to take care of our children as more and more moms have to work outside of the home. In children’s literature books the fairytale of the moms staying home to care for the children and the dads going out to work is portrayed.

Lecture 3
Does children’s literature influence a child’s perspective on society and their role in it? The books that are read to children and the books that they read themselves can alter who they become when they become adults. Rather than not reading to a child at all it is important to explain to a child that children’s literature is fun to read and the books are mostly fairytales. I think children’s literature...
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