Childrens Life Time

Topics: Domestic violence, Child abuse, Mental disorder, Violence, Alcoholism, Family therapy / Pages: 6 (1447 words) / Published: May 7th, 2013
Young children drastically being abused! Most of the time people consider a child’s life the best, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Around the world many children are considering their childhood the worst. There are many bad things going around the world that children are becoming very different people. Children are in need of parents taking care of them and loving them more than usual. Childhood years in a person’s life will not always be the best due to the fact that there are many children being abused, most of the children do not get the right education, and more in these days, children are suffering from horrible depression. In many homes around the world their children that are being abused, not only physically but also mentally. Parents are becoming very abusive towards their own children. As Brynfoski States, “Violence and trauma, including childhood abuse, sexual abuse, and intimate partner violence, are common in Canada. It is conservatively estimated that half of all Canadian women and one-third of Canadian men have survived at least one incidence of sexual or physical violence” (Bryfonski). Children are in more danger to being abused because they really cannot defend themselves. As on the article it exposes that “Although both boys and girls are affected by family violence, four out of five victims of family-related sexual assaults (79%) are girls” (Bryfonski). Girls are more commonly abused because they are sweeter, and very nice children compared to the boys. It is interesting how more than halves are actually girls the ones that are being abused. Abused children are in more danger of becoming criminals or doing horrible things to themselves. As those children’s are growing up, some are in danger to become alcoholics. They would want to get rid of the past things that happened, and drinking is one of the main things they would do. Children are exposed to being drug addicts, due that they want to feel wanted and because of the

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