Childrens Blizzard

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Dear Julian
Moving out of Brooklyn to the suburbs of Pennsylvania was a big change we saw the most manicured lawns. People would spend hundreds of hours mowing their lawns into a designer lawn. (4) Suburban lawns became such a competition even choosing a name formed some type of conflict. (5) Lawn Businesses were appearing all around the suburbs of America. With the most unique names Lawn Doctor, Lawn Medic, Lawn Rescue, Lawn Authority, Law Express, Lawn Manicure, Lawn One, Sod Fathers, Mow Better Lawns, and many more odd catch phrase names. (5) Although lawn care is a first-aid to the earth, it is a behavior that is exaggerated but it is so normal. (7) People aren’t really growing grass they are replacing it with turf. (6) A thick carpet of grass we all call a lawn. (23) Like the Perfect body the perfect lawn is an illusion and fantasy that many Americans strive to have. (14)

Like the military men were expected to shave and have hair trimmed regularly. An unkempt man thinks little of themselves and of others. (24) Same is applied to lawns. A lawn is your outdoor living room first thing people see when they approach the house. (24) The summer of 1953 when prohibition on water, reduced the time you were allowed to water your lawn. (28) So many people began sneaking watering their lawns at night. It seemed like people would rather their house burn down than their grass turn brown. (28) Many people believed that the rationing of the water would result in slow deterioration of the lawns looks consequently the property value of the community. (28) The lawns were a great success it played the lead role in the suburban American Dream. (44) The perfect lawn represented the perfect life. Mom, dad, and the kids. (44) Many advertising use the lawn as a prop, it represent the unproblematic and togetherness of the family. (44)

A lawn care business is a good business to have around this time. Americans spend about $30 billion on their lawns a year. (5) Grass seed...
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