Childrens Behavior Is Worst Today Than Ten Years Ago

Topics: Human behavior, Behaviorism, Behavior Pages: 13 (4864 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Behavior is an action or reaction to the environment or to internal thoughts and emotions. Behavioral symptoms are persistent or repetitive behaviors that are unusual, disruptive, inappropriate, or cause problems. Aggression, attitude, criminal behavior, defiance, drug use, hostility, inappropriate sexual behavior, inattention, secrecy, and self-harm is examples of behavioral symptoms. When you are asked about someone’s behavior you think of etiquette, culture, form, manners, mores, proprieties; p's and q’s; amenity, civility, courtesy, politeness; attitude, carriage, poise, pose, posture, presence; aspect, look, mien; formality, protocol, rules; custom, habit, pattern, practise, trick, wont; convention, fashion, form, mode, style; affectation, attribute, characteristic, mark, trait; distinctiveness, oddity, peculiarity, strangeness, uniqueness, weirdness. Do these words really describe a person? The dictionary defines individual behavior of a manner or function of conducting oneself. A child’s behavior is much worse today than it was ten years ago. Children are talking back to their parents and doing what they want to do. Parents are definitely not in control like they used to be. , my opinion is that we are too quick to put blame on the situation before we look at the facts...if a child needs a pat on the behind to get they to calm down, then so be it. That does not mean the child needs to be beaten...sometimes, I think that parent needs that beaten worst. Most of the time the child is in need of your calm voice they need your attention a good attention not a bad attention. And sometimes the child just needs to be left alone. I remember when I was growing up; I wouldn't even dare to talk back...and didn't even want to think what would happen to me if I did so. I was raise to respect my elders. Say “Yes Mama”, “No Mama” or “Yes Sir” or” No Sir”. Whether someone gives you something or you asked for something; say “Thank You” or “No Thank You”. That is showing that you were raise with manners by being polite; respectful to others. In many of the homes across the country the behavior in children are cause from heredity and environment in which they live in. Heredity is the process by which children inherit physical and mental traits from their parents. Environment consist of all factors in a child’s surrounding that effects the child’s development. Such as family members, lessons activities at school, nutrition and exercise, and interactions with other in the community. Child poverty merits attention because a substantial body of research links poverty with lower levels of child well-being. For a variety of reasons, when compared with children from more affluent families, poor children are more likely to have low academic achievement, to drop out of school, and to have health, behavioral, and emotional problems. These linkages are particularly strong for children whose families experience deep poverty, who are poor during early childhood, and who are trapped in poverty for a long time. A child is a person that is between the ages of 18 months and 12 years old. Childhood is the development between infancy and adolescence. Childhood is a period of transformation that involves a variety of physical, psychological, and social processes. These processes largely determine the type of adult that child will become. Cultures throughout the world differ in their attitudes, beliefs and traditions relating to childhood. Some cultures for instance, define childhood as the period that lasts from birth until sometime past the age of 20. Cultures also differ in skills, values and personality traits they seek to o develop in children. From infancy to age five, they begin to identify to identify themselves with particular roles within the family and community. They gradually develop their understanding of time, space, symbols, and other concepts. They learn that there are certain standards of...
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