Children Without Rules

Topics: Family, Childhood, The Child Pages: 5 (1787 words) Published: August 13, 2014
The value of structure and rules for children
Tina Dillard
English 101 Instructor: Linda Lyle
December 17, 2013

When there are no rules, children cannot learn the appropriate way to behave. When there is no structure, children cannot develop security or the ability to master self-discipline. When structure and rules are present daily this tends to provides children the necessary assistance that will aid them in growing up to be responsible, realistic and well-behaved individuals within society. These are a few detailed reasons as to why it is vitally important to provide young children with structure and rules. As parents, it is our job to teach our children how to behave, to demonstrate how and what they should learn, and offer them with a “sense of confidence and security.” Without rules and structure, it becomes virtually impossible to provide the necessary discipline that is needed within a child’s life. Knowing the importance of safety and security according to, “Dr. Laura Markham, a psychologist, and owner of the Aha! Parenting website, young children need structure to feel safe and secure.” A scheduled routine teaches children that they are safe, and that you are there to care for them. Additionally, it also teaches them the art of mastering their own lives and schedules as they grow. Without structure, your child is left with the unknown, which is scary for kids. Not knowing what to expect day to day can cause your child to develop fear and uncertainty, and it can prevent them from learning to create their own structure and routine. Child that lack structure is more likely to experience a greater number of power struggle. For example, when your child has a routine, the tasks that child needs to perform at a schedule time each day so that it will become automatic, like making their bed daily. If you don’t establish this type of structure for your child, may create the need for your child become defiant by refusing to take care of their own basic hygiene needs. Children with structure, realize that there are certain things that they are required do, and it is not an option. . Giving children structure and rules in the home provides them with life skills. Structure allows children to develop constructive habits. I think back to a time with my own children. I provided them with a clear understanding of the rules the house. I had signs that were posted in cute little frames throughout the house including in their bedrooms it stated “My house, my rules, my way.” We created a chore chart which was located in the kitchen. The chart had all parts of the house that needed to be cleaned. I divided the chores for example if you had to clean the kitchen then you had to plan the meal for the week and cook. You were also responsible for setting the table for dinner formally, glass, plate napkin fork and knife. If you had the basement then you was responsible for doing laundry for the week. There were baskets in the basement everyone was responsible for putting their dirty laundry in the appropriate basket. Lights, whites, colored and dark clothing, sheets and towels. Clothing that needed to go to the dry cleaners the clothing was placed on hanging bar with hangers on it also located in the basement. The basement had to be swept and mopped once a week. If you was assigned the living room then you was responsible for doing all the dusting and planning something interesting for family hour which ad to be an activity we could do together. No TV’s, radio or phone calls during this family hour. I remember a time my youngest son covered the living room floor with paper and we had a creative paint night. The bathroom I had specific instructions listed on how to clean the bathroom. None of my children like the rotation of having to do the bathroom for the week. From the age that children begin to be able to control their own behavior they learn daily living in the home life works for them and others if it’s...
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