Children with Special Needs

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The following report refers to the context of History of Special Needs provision in Ireland and how it has changed over time, relevant legislation/Policy developments, Outline 5 special needs conditions or impairments and Identify roles and responsibilities and support services relating to additional needs chosen.

History of Special Needs provision in Ireland and how it has changed over time

Special needs provision in Ireland has changed a lot over the years. Until recently additional needs were not seen as a priority in Ireland. During the time that the church was in charge of the country it was believed that children with additional needs did not need an education and all they required was medical care, so they locked them away from society in institutions. This meant that they were unable to progress in life as much as they never got any qualifications or sat any exams. This all changed when the Irish state took over the responsibility of special needs provision in the mid 1900's. Throughout the 1960's, 70's and up until the mid 80's a large number of special needs schools were set up. From this point on there was a call for special needs students to be integrated into mainstream schools and by the mid 90's over 2,000 children were being educated in special classes in mainstream schools. Nowadays parents have the right to choose whether there child with additional needs attends a special school or is going to be educated in a mainstream school through integration.

Legislation/Policy developments relating to children with additional needs

Between the years 1978 and 1987 curriculum guidelines for students with additional needs in special schools were devised, at this point provisions for other children with additional needs were pretty much non existent. In 1980 the subject of integration of children with additional needs into mainstream schools was broached. Come 1991 which is the same year that the Childcare Act was established, the (SERC)Special Education Review Committee was formed. This was the first independent body that focused on the field of special education. During the period of time between 1997 and 2000 The Dept. of Education poured buckets of funding into the provision of special education. The 1998 Education Act stated that ‘the educational needs including those of children with special educational needs are identified and provided for’(Class Notes, pg. 29). The 2002 Education(Welfare) Act was the first act stating that all children were entitled to a certain minimum education and wherever possible should be educated in mainstream schools and be able to participate fully in said schools to the best of their abilities. Kathy Sinnott is a woman who changed the future of special needs provision forever when she brought a case against the Irish Government to allow her child to attend primary education even though he had multiple disabilities. The 2004 Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs(EPSEN) Act brought about the promotion of inclusive education in all educational institutes for children with additional needs, unless it is not in support of the child’s needs. Cerebral Palsy

Signs and symptoms:
Slow and laboured movements.
Jerky movements.
Poor balance.
Uncontrolled and involuntary movements.
Low coordination.

Cerebral Palsy can be caused by low levels of oxygen in a baby's brain before, during or even after birth. The following are some of the main causes of this condition; Infection or illness while pregnant.

Low or complete lack of oxygen to the child's brain before birth. A child being premature.
Haemorrhage of the brain.

There is no one test for this condition. A history of birth is required to test for any complications during the birth. An examination of the child's growth is done, this includes muscle tone and power over these muscles. Movement of the joints and child's posture is examined as well. This test is based on...
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