Children with English as an Additional Language

Topics: Multilingualism, French language, Second language Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: May 19, 2012
Support Literacy and Numeracy Activities:
Children with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

1. Why is it important to know if a child is not fluent in English? (Think about how this may affect a child’s learning). It is important that the teachers who work with the “EAL” child know that he may not always understand what is being said to him, because he speaks a different language at home. Teachers need to make a special effort to ensure he does understand, by demonstrating to him, showing him, using pictures, translating in his maternal language if possible, and being patient with him. Basically, it is useful to work in team with the family.

As multilingual teacher, I can help new children in my school to become more confident.

2. List the ways that your school supports and includes children whose first language is not English. Think especially about supporting their literacy and maths. Our School is making effective use of dual language resources (books, mental mathematical games on internet, cartoons, songs) to help learners to access the curriculum. We try to take account of children’s prior knowledge and experience, especially for children in Key Stage 2, recently moving from another country, where they went at School; so, they can read, but not in English! We ensure that learning activities provide support to enable all learners to try their best and to progress. We also develop their knowledge and understanding of UK society, and the curriculum is giving pupils opportunities to discuss issues of different identities, in mutual respect. Then, we are displaying the flags of all the countries and the same word (e.g. “wellcome” or “good morning”) in different languages; we read materials describing different cultures and religions.

3. Describe an occasion when you have supported a child with EAL. What positive things did you notice? Were there any problems and how did you overcome them? When A. moved from Morocco, she was 7 years old, and she...
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