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Children vs Divorce

By Hawa9988 Jan 08, 2014 464 Words

Children vs. Divorce Essay # 7

Over a large amount of people have despondent feelings about how lonely they feel that they are unloved and uncared. Most woman feel depressed to the point that they consider committing suicide. They have a feeling of hopelessness and may feel helpless. Divorce destroys children it makes them feel like they lost everything in their life, leaving a child oblivious to the divorce to the situation. But only until they are in a mature age to understand, so if the child is somewhere between a toddler you might want to circumvent their suspicions. Young children may react to divorce by becoming more aggressive and uncooperative.
I believe the parents should stay cohesive in the same house with each other until all the important events in its life have been put through and the child (ren) would sanction of the divorce. Most teens get through it while the parents are already processed of a divorce, it would be much worse if it was taken placed as a young age. Older children may feel deep sadness and loss. Their schoolwork may suffer and behavior problems are common. The worst part of divorce is debating on which guardian would have more time with the child if not chosen they have to keep transferring constantly to each parent but the most important is the location where the parent is living so the worst is if it’s out of state. This is what people go through every single day and no one knows that it tears up families and separates them in most cases some realize they need each other but depends on how much you love your child (ren). When I was a child a friend of mines parents had a divorce, she would always come to my house and act as if she was part of our family and also spend time with my parents as well. I felt very sorry that she won’t get to spend time with both her parents at some times. A small amount parents feel so hurt or overwhelmed by the divorce that they may turn to the child for comfort or direction. Children often believe they have caused the conflict between their parents. Many children assume the responsibility for bringing their parents back together, sometimes by sacrificing themselves.
Children will do best if they know that their mother and father will still be their parents and remain involved with them even though the marriage is ending and the parents won't live together. Most children from divorced families are resilient, especially when their parents do a reasonably good job managing the stress of divorce. Children still report painful memories and ongoing worries about divorce, their relationships with their parents, and their parents' relationship with each other.

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