Children & Violence

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INB 180 Computer Games Studies
Assignment One ; Part B
Point of View Assignment

(Astrid, 2011)

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Subject:Violence in Games
Topic:The impact of video game violence on adolescents.
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The impact of video game violence on adolescents.
According to Handbook of Children, Culture, And Violence in 1972 the first commercial video game, “Pong” a game based on playing tennis, was introduced (Dowd, Singer & Wilson, 2006, p.226). When Pong became widely available and popular for general public through commercial, many saw the opportunity of making great profit in the video gaming industry and it was then when the technology and creativity was pushed. Financially, video games have exceeded the motion picture industry in sales (Williams, 2002). In the past decades violent video games have stood-out as been successfully marketed and are very popular with male and female children, adolescents, and adults. However, the concerns of the topic that video game violence has the potential of influencing the psychological development of players has been disputed since the mid-1970s, when video games first became available.  The issue has been discussed during the past decades amongst both the general community and professionals in the field, and although various research studies have been conducted in to response to this issue, the results are inconclusive and still debated amongst many. The purpose of this essay is to investigate both positive and negative aspects of violent games to determine if video games actually promote violence in real life, or whether media reporting have misled viewers into thinking so. The main arguments put forward in research publications will support my view that video game violence does not promote violent behaviours of adolescents. In fact, research has shown that youth crime rates in the US have decreased since video games became popular. According to the Oxford Dictionaries, violence is defined as the behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something (Oxford Dictionaries, 2012). However, I believe that what is acceptable of violence cannot truly be defined. Different culture and background of people have different definition of violence. As indicated in a research journal article “developing a working operational definition of aggression particularly for experimental studies has been a significant challenge” (Ferguson, 2010). The majority of children with violent behaviours under the influence of violent video games were found in America and minimal in other countries which those games played are also widely available, this shows that the background and culture which the children are brought-up in has a significant impact on their psychological thinking which leads to their behaviours. One that plays video games should be able to clarify reality and fantasy. Hence, video games with violent images are rated R in Australia, banned for children less than eighteen years-of-age, who are believed to have underdeveloped thinking. Currently the highest rating game in Australia is only MA 15+ and according to a research-based journal article, research indicated that the majority that plays video games are adults and more specifically, the average age of a gamer is twenty-eight years-old (The Sydney Morning Herald, 2011). Although research shows that majority of players are at the right of age, there are still the minority that are playing under-aged. Hence, even if gaming classification passes through the Australian government this does not prevent the minority of under-age to gain access to these games. Many concerned parents are worried that their under-aged child who plays these games with violent graphics may influence his or her underdeveloped mind and will be unable to distinct reality from the gaming world. However, research survey has shown...
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