Children Play

Topics: Learning, Sadness, Game Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: December 3, 2013
1. Childhood is an amazing time in life. There were the good and bad experiences while others were scary. Thinking back, reflecting and reliving those moments made me realize I had and an amazing childhood. It feels like just yesterday, I was running around playing hide-and-seek with the wind blowing through my little ponytails. There were many games I recall loving as a child. Ring around the Rosie, ludo, hopscotch and many more. I was hyper and excited for those always. I recall most children from the neighbourhood would gather at the park and we ran around like crazy just to have fun. Looking back at that moment I don’t know what we were thinking! My most enjoyable childhood moments would be between myself and two other friends named Faraz and Anjo. I use to have a medium size red toy truck made out of metal. Anjo and I would site on the truck, and get Faraz a chubby boy to push us round the neighbourhood. Some of my other friends from school would come over on weekends and we would play dollhouse on the deck. Anjo and I had so many good times together, even sitting together on one bike, riding around the block until we both fall and got injury. I can recall one time Anjo was sleeping over at my house, and at midnight she started to cry to go home. My father had to drop her home and the next day I mocked at her a lot. My awful experience was when a boy next door stole my red truck. I was very sad, I cried and cried until my mom got it back from him. 2. The feelings I can remember during my play were both happiness and sadness. Happiness was when I can get together with my friends and is involved with different games. Running around and screaming was all happy moments. As a child I was so active, I could have run, skip and jump very quickly. It was amazing when I could have meet and interact with different young children. It was all happy moments. Sadness was when my mother would get very upset with me because I would think of nothing else than to keep on...
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