Children of War

Topics: Sierra Leone Civil War, Sierra Leone, Armed Forces Revolutionary Council Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: November 5, 2008
Children of War; Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone

“I still dream about the boy from my village who I killed. I see him in my dreams, and he is talking to me, saying I killed him for nothing, and I am crying” (Sierra Leone Rebels Forcefully Recruit Child Soldiers; 1). These are the words of a sixteen year old demobilized child soldier, forced to join an armed rebel group in Sierra Leone. Around the world there are over 250,000 youth being forced to become child soldiers; they are taught to be cruel and they believe what they are taught is right. This injustice is occurring on a large basis, in the African nation of Sierra Leone, where children are recruited incredibly young, lack education, become thieves and indulge in child prostitution. This issue of Child Soldiers conflicts with the concept of social justice on a number of levels, and as Christians we are called to action. The issue of child soldiers in Sierra Leone must be treated now otherwise there may be no future.

Social justice, from a Catholics point of view, is an ancient concept. The two-thousand year old bible is the basis of Christianity and it lays out the vision of a just society that Christians should promote by responding to social injustices. “In Catholic thinking, social justice refers to the commitment by all (governments and citizens) to ensuring that equal access to resources allows everyone to live a happy and fulfilling life” (Social Justice Booklet; 195). This concept is very difficult to achieve on a large scale idea but it is what Christians are attempting to create. Christians are called to be active and aid in making a difference in our faith. As the bible states, The Ten Commandments are to be adhered to. However there are countries that reject these rules, partaking in activities of great disrespect not only to themselves but their culture. Christians across the globe are called upon to act and create the kingdom of God in these communities where solidarity is treasured over...
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