Children of Men - Existential Concepts

Topics: Human, Reproduction, Africa Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: October 19, 2008
Children of Men:

Children of Men presents a dystopian world where for reasons unknown reproduction is now impossible. According to British propaganda shown in the movie as being normal to be everywhere mass hysteria and chaos has consumed most of the world while “only Britain soldiers on.” With the chaos and confusion rose a socialist government to rule this new society and all its imperfections. The story is about Theo’s efforts to get a girl who has miraculously become pregnant to “the human project,” which is the organization of scientists dedicated to curing infertility against the agenda of the resistance group for immigrants in new Britain as well as the British government or “Big Brother,” who might use the baby for their own plans. Theo is the anti-hero of the movie. Generally disgusted with the way things are, he sees things differently from the rest of the characters. He loses everything personal in trying to save the pregnant girl and her baby for the hope of the rest of the world. The character has free will and a choice. His actions in helping the girl to reach the human project were unexplainable especially after loosing his friends to the fishes. His courage for humankind made him a hero. The unified man theme is shown as well but distastefully. In the movie Britain has shunned all immigrants and in the enforcement of this the streets are filled with police. For as long as humans have collectively worked together for such concepts as civilization or society. There have been boundaries and wars for territory. Britiain believes that they are the last stand in a world of confusion where all rationality has been lost. The case of the world’s infertility is a very existential concept that the movie takes and runs with. The book isn’t very clear on exactly why reproduction has ceased. It could be viewed as a punishment from god for our sins. Some de-evolution of some kind, or scientific answer could very well be the case. I...
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