Children Of Men

Topics: Infant, Penal colony, In the Penal Colony Pages: 4 (1229 words) Published: July 23, 2015
Elias Ali
April 29,2015
Mr. Orriss
The Children Of Men
In a world that is slowly facing the extinction of the human race. The children of men novel tells a story in which it revolves around Theodore Faron and his cousin Xan Lyppiatt. The cause of the impending extinction is the infertility of humans. The last generation of humans to be born have matured into grown adults which are called omegas. It took place in England in the year 2021.

With no future to look forward too, people start lose the desire to continue living on. However other people constantly stress on the maintenance and well being of their body, they were driven with the desire to live and maintain a youthful complexion. Theodore unlike the rest spends most of his time reminiscing about his past. His life was riddled with pain and regret, many years earlier he had accidentally driven over his fifteen month year old daughter Natalie, which led to him having a depressing and complicated end to his marriage. Xan Lyppiatt warden of England hopes to bring happiness and comfort to his people. His way of providing happiness was to have open a national health service which would function as a spa. People would go there to be manicured, pedicured, measured and weighed. Quoted from the book supporting this point on Pg 7. “We intend to retain the illusion, if not youth, of vigorous middle age.” Since children were a thing of the past, People would resort to watching documentation of children and would be obsessed with the sound of their laughter. They would also treat the birth of newborn animals as if they were newborn baby’s. Due to the bleakness of the future. Suicide had risen dramatically and one would think it would be the elderly committing these acts, but surprisingly enough the middle age folks were the ones most prone to doing so. Citizens of England appreciate the national health service since it provides them with the care and attention one would need in order to stay...
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