Children of Men

Topics: Human, Dystopia, Good and evil Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Children of Men
“Children of Men” is set in the year of 2027, when the world is in chaos with the multitude of political and social issues including immigration and fascism. The movie could be classified as science fiction because it consists of two common elements of the genre: a futuristic setting and a dystopian society. There is, however, no advanced technology or artificial intelligence. The cities look just like today, except they are shabby and grimy. Everything is awash in grim to reinforce the theme of a dystopian society. The gloomy setting makes London look like it did in the 19th century with its criminal world of the time. The color palette is stark, favoring grays over other hues. The movie vividly paints a bleak and horrific future that none of us would want to live in. In 2027, the world has become sterile. Britain, where the story is set, has become a somber place with a climate of nationalistic violence. Everywhere there are signs, warnings, and surveillance cameras. Immigrants are being purged and penned in cages. Heavily armed police fill the streets “only Britain soldiers on.”  And above all, there are no children. No child has been born for eighteen years. The human race has become infertile; it is facing the likelihood of its own extinction. “Children of Men” offers a possible beginning of the collapse – a world without children. And that collapse does not come through war, famine, or disease, but from the human race's infertility. The situation of the 2027 setting is built around contemporary issues such as immigration and terrorism. The lack of children and the possibility of children are the cause for all the action. The movie, however, is not really concerned about the reasons for the situation or how infertility will end the collective human race. Instead, it focuses on the reaction of individuals and societies to the unexpected reproductive crisis. It examines how one ray of hope becomes a tool used for politics and power. “Children...
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