Children of Men

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Children of Men is a thought-provoking dystopian film directed by Alfonso Cuaron. It explores the idea of mankind’s own impermanence. Nearly two decades of human infertility have left society on the brink of collapse. There are many important scenes that help to develop the film. I found the last scene particularly intriguing as it left questioning viewers to come to their own conclusions.

Children of Men explores the key ideas of hope and faith in the face of futility and despair. The dystopian film is set in 2027, in a futuristic society in which humans are unable to reproduce. In the novel this movie is based on author P.D James says, “It is reasonable to struggle, to suffer, perhaps to even die, for a more just, and more compassionate society, but not in a world with no future, where all too soon the very words ‘justice’, ‘compassion’, ‘society’, ‘struggle’, ‘evil’ would be unheard echoes on an empty air.” It is evident from this that hope depends on the survival of future generations. Without hope, lives are disregarded, and bodies disposed of by any means possible. As a modern society we question our belief in hope, as quoted in The Hunger Games, “it is the only thing that is stronger than fear.” The presence of fear brings uncertainty for the future, and we question our trust amongst ourselves. We need hope to maintain a positive outlook on life. So we must wrestle with our our fears to bring hope to our future. We find hope in love, giving, gratitude and in change, all of which qualities children require of us. Hope helps to form an equilibrium in a negative world, so there is more scope to plan for a positive future. There is war, but in this war there are no winners. The reliability of even the existence of the “Human Project” is unknown to viewers; talk of it is all circumstantial, as we are never offered evidence of its existence. The Human Project is supposedly a group organised to experiment ways to cure infertility and make...
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