Children of Illegal Immigrants

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Illegal immigration Pages: 5 (1113 words) Published: April 15, 2015
Ernesto J Valladares
EH 102 2EA
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Articles on Illegal Immigrants
The system in which to integrate illegal immigrants is weak, and has been held off for to long. Because the Dream Act has been held off for so long it has not progressed and adapted as it should have already done. In my essay “The Dream” I explained a plan to improve the Dream Act for the years lost. The articles, “Children of Illegal Immigrants”, “Children of Illegal Immigrants Struggle when parents are deported”, “Lawmakers should pass the Dream Act” help to support my idea. The article “Children of Illegal Immigrants” talks about the percentage of children of illegal immigrants that were born in the United States and the rights of citizenship given to them by the Fourteenth Amendment. It then mentions a state that is extremely against integration, Arizona. Arizona’s senator even went as far as to say that the 14th Amendment should not apply to the children of illegal immigrants that where born here, he says the Amendment was only meant for African Americans and that “It’s got to be fixed”(Wall Street Journal). The Amendment states that anyone born in the United States is a legal citizen with every right as any other citizen. If the rest of the U.S. was as harsh as This Arizona senator (Russell Pearce) then even I would no longer be a citizen. The article goes on to talk about how most of the children, who were brought here at a young age, only have memories of the United States, not of their country of birth, and do not understand why they are not considered citizens. The Dream Act is mentioned as a way to help these children as way to get a temporary residency. This article would be great to use in my idea because it shows how unreasonable those against integration can be and shows struggles faced be the young immigrants. In Marjorie Valbrun’s “Children of Illegal Immigrants Struggle when Parents are Deported” she paints a picture of the struggle the parents of the children with U.S. citizenship face. Many people do not know the feeling of having a child and then one day there is a knock on the door and you can never see the child again. According to Valbrun’s article U.S. immigration law often presumes that children are better suited in foster care instead of being sent along with their parents to a country in poverty. This assumption is often wrong because what it is really doing is ripping families apart. More than 5,000 children of deported illegal immigrants are in state foster care nationwide. After the termination of parent custody rights many of the children are put up for adoption without the parents’ consent. Once the parents loose custody and are deported then they lose the opportunity to ever see their child again. For illegal immigrants to try and maintain custody of their children is nearly impossible to do so without having official rights. In addition detained parents aren’t aware of that they can request their children to be returned after deportation or place the children with a legal resident. The article tells the story of Encarnación Bail, an illegal immigrant who was in a fight to regain custody of infant son Carlos. After the court terminated Bail’s parental rights, while she was in custody for two years, relatives gave Carlos to a couple who did not have a child and had documentation. A letter was sent to inform Bail of this however it was delayed in reaching her. She was shocked when news finally reached her and with help she wrote to the court only to receive no response. With the help of the Guatemalan government she was finally able to make a case after four years. Valbrun does not mention the decision of the court. The article then mentions the resolve of the Obama administration which is to only target immigrants who have committed major crimes and not workers who have done nothing wrong. However not many organizations follow this policy uniformly and immigrants with minor crimes,...
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