Children of Anonymous Sperm Donations Should Know Their Biological Father

Topics: Family, Parent, Donation Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Children of Anonymous Sperm Donations Should Know Their Biological Father
We all have biological fathers. Even if we haven’t met them before, we have seen pictures, or have been told stories about them from family members. Even adopted children are able to get information about their biological parents once they reach the age of 18. However, children from anonymous sperm donations don’t get this opportunity. These children aren’t searching for their biological father for financial support. They are only searching to know where they get their characteristics, habits, and looks from. Some are just searching so they can fill the void they have in their lives. So why are these children not granted the right to know their biological father?

“Donor 150” – that’s the information given to children of anonymous sperm donors. These innocent children grow up knowing their father as only a number, and their identity can never be revealed unless the donor agreed for it to be known. A sperm donation is when a man (the sperm donor) donates his semen (sperm), to the recipient trying to achieve pregnancy. Today sperm donations are used to help heterosexual couples with fertility problems, single women and coupled lesbians to have children. Donors are given the option to donate anonymously, which means the recipient isn’t given information about who the donor is. Even though the donor has the right to have their identity hidden, I believe the children of these donors have a right to demand the identity of their father. We who know our biological fathers might not be able to relate with this, but how would you feel knowing that your father doesn’t want to know who you are? When donors donate anonymously, they technically send a message to the child saying that they don’t want to know anything about their existence. This type of rejection can lead to the child having depression, and can even lead to suicide, all because their father didn’t want to have a relationship with...
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