Children Need Parents¡¯ Care

Topics: Deviance, Psychology, Positive psychology Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: November 13, 2006
The article ¡°An Insatiable Emptiness¡± was written by Evelyn Lau which can be a ¡°mirror¡± in this society. In the mirror, everyone can see how parents¡¯ careless attitude makes their children suffer from the unknown world. In the process of suffering, children lose their happiness, desire and confidence. Nowadays, many children lose their happiness because their parents do not care about them and give them too much their own space to grow up by themselves. However, too much of their own space makes them ¡°lonely¡±. Instead of sharing everything to friends, they like keeping the ¡°insatiable emptiness¡± in their hearts. Lau said ¡°They could not control this part of my life or any other. This was mine alone¡± (157). At this time, Lau¡¯s parents should discover the deviant behavior of their child and stop her immediately. However, Lau¡¯s mother shouted to Lau that ¡°It¡¯s because of you we didn¡¯t get enough to eat, that we¡¯re going to bed hungry¡± (158). This unacceptable reaction led Lau to detest her parents.

Happiness is very important to children, but desire is more significant in children¡¯s lives. As same as new drives, children need to find their way on the ¡°street¡±. If children rarely have communication with their parents, they will lose their way to grow up. When Lau was 20 years old, she said ¡°I no longer thought of myself as a girl or a woman¡± (161). She lost her desire to live as a normal girl. She ¡°felt somehow grotesque and abnormal¡± (161). Parents have responsibility to lead their children to work out their problems in order to give them confidence for their future desire. However, some parents¡¯ careless attitude can make their children ¡°contemplate suicide¡± when they can not fix their problems and can not see their future.

Confidence is another important element that children need to have in their lives. However, many children lose their confidence because their parents¡¯ negative influence. In Lau¡¯s story, she said to herself:...
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