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Children Education

By thavyhout Mar 11, 2013 546 Words
Children Education

It is true that every child is born a blank of paper. Then, this piece of paper will be filled with countless stories that eventually shape the future or rather the whole life of that child. And, one of the most important stories that should be on that piece of paper is “Education”, because only education allows a child to see the world larger and more importantly to see his or her future brighter. It is quite hard to say all the future consequences of educated children, because successes could be in any ways. It would be better to tell how important education is for a child’s life by considering the future consequence of uneducated children, because not all but most of them go the same way. I am not talking about those children whose parents are rich but those who live in poor families. Yet, I also do not mean that rich children need not education, but because their parents are rich, so we can be pretty sure that their parents are able to afford and support their studies until graduations careless of any factors. But, poor children are different – their parents might not be able to afford even the three meals of the day, and how they can afford their children’s studies; even the children themselves need to have jobs to sustain the families. Therefore, the consequence will be the same as lives of their parents – living their lives in poverty, being unaffordable of foods to eat, becoming labor workers with very little salary or prostitutes for girls, begging or even worse stealing or robbing and end up in jail. It is exaggerated to some extent, but we better think of the worse, and here, it is only intended to convey a message of how important education for children is. Then, one might question who should be responsible for child education. In my opinion, there are four important persons. First off is the government; he must make sure that there are schools with enough teachers and studying materials and that it is free so that poor children can also access to education. Second person is teacher; it should be guaranteed that he has commit in teaching and that he would give his all to fill that blank piece of paper as many good stories as possible. Third person is the guardian; apart from being educated at schools, children should not be neglected back at home; at least, the guardian can make sure that the children learnt something from school. Fourth person is the children themselves; if government provides them schools and teachers together with good parents as role models or guardians, they also need the commitment and motivation within themselves as well or many efforts still seem useless. In addition, basic education is desperate because it is the guide to further educations, and the way to obtain it is through encouragement to the children coupled with the tight cooperation between the school and the guardians. And if we look at another side, education is not only important for children’s lives but also important for the whole society. Educated children will eventually create strong youth that play an important role in developing the family, community, society, and the country as a whole.

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