Children Arts (Importance of Scribling)

Topics: Art, Education, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Importance of Scribbling

Many People don’t realize the importance scribbling has on a child’s development and imagination. Scribbles are the building blocks of art. Rhoda Kellogg pointed out that at first glance scribbles may look like tangles of spaghetti, lines with out form or distinction. Actually, there are many types of scribbles. There are twenty basic kinds of scribbles made up of lines that are vertical, horizontal, diagonal, circular, curving, and waving. A lot of scribbles also include dots. According to Scott O’Dell and Rhonda one of the scribbles children like best ranges over the paper loosely on a diagonal axis, leaving two corners empty.

It’s hard for people to see anything special in the scribbling but to the child it his something that they alone made, something that did not exist to the world a short while ago. Scribbling is so spontaneous, it just happens, and every line creates the foundation for art. When the child gets older they will learn how scribbling creates hair for people, leaves for trees, and clouds for the sky. By the age of three children learn about making shapes. These patterns are basic, and are never forgotten. Almost immediately after learning to draw shapes, children begin to combine shapes making designs. At the age of four and five children begin to draw the human figure and animals. By the age of six a child draws one person or many people, one house or many houses, but they are still designs. Not until he is seven does the pictures begin to tell their own story. At the point adults can relate better with the child’s creativity.

While these stages of development are happening we have to make sure as educators and parents we encourage the children’s opinion on what is art. It’s real important to encourage the growth in art also we must let there imagination run wild and not create boundaries. If we create boundaries for children on art they won’t develop fully because in there mind they will give us...
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