Children and young persons development

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TDA 2.8 Support Children And Young People’s Health And Safety

The current health and safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented within the setting by ensuring that all health and safety is monitored on a daily basis by the person that is designated as the company/schools health and safety officer, as well as staff within the workplace. This should be done on a daily basis and logged and signed by the person responsible. You will usually see signs on the back of the main toilet door that staff/public use, they have a sheet with time slots on them that a designated person has to sign, and by signing that they are confirming that the toilets are clean and tidy. All schools should have a weekly fire drill to ensure that the alarms are working fine and that all children and staff know where to go incase of a real fire evacuation. All staff and pupils should know where all their nearest fire exits are incase of a fire and to know where the fire assembly points are. Of course if you have a company that is used by the general public i.e shops, then if you are going to test your fire alarm system then you must use a tannoy call to let all staff and public know that you are currently testing your fire alarms and that there is no need to evacuate the building. If you have electrical equipment in use with the setting i.e computers in an I.T suite, classrooms, offices, or electrical equipment within a staffroom like toasters or kettle then you must have a PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) test carried out on them. Once the qualified electrician has carried out the test on all electrical equipment within the company/school then they must stick a pass sticker on that states 1. Date it was tested and passed 2. Date of nest retest and 3. The signature of whom done the testing. It is also vitally important that of the product fails the test then they must stick a failed sticker on so all members of staff know it is not safe to use there for they can’t injure themselves. If you find that some equipment is not working or is faulty before they are due there PAT test then you must inform the designated health and safety officer immediately after you have put a sticker on the equipment notifying people it is unsafe to use. The health and safety officer will then log all the information in the health and safety log book sign and date it so it becomes a legal document and remove the item until it is fixed or replaced by the correct qualified people. There should also be regular staff meetings where they can discuss any ongoing health and safety issues within the setting and find out how they are dealing with them and discuss any that has just arose. No matter where you work you will find a Health And Safety Act 1974 poster for you to look at at any time you like. Aswell as the Health and Safety Act 1974 all workplaces should have there own policies and procedures in place especially if they have 5 or more employees working for them. It is also vital that they carry out risk assessments and log what they find i.e if the school has a climbing frame this is vitally important that it has a risk assessment carried out so that the children that use this equipment do not hurt themselves. In most cases risk assessments like the one i have just mentioned usually gets checked on a yearly basis unless something drastic happens that causes them to carry one out a lot sooner i.e there could be an unfortunate case where a child injures themselves badly, in which case they would need to know how and why this happened and could it happen again.

When you work with chemicals your company should abide by the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1994(COSHH) in which this includes providing you with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure your safety when using chemicals. All chemicals should have an information leaflet on how to use the chemical safely i.e how much water you need to use to dilute the...
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