Children and Young People

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Support children and young people’s Health and Safety

1.1) Describe the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services.

When planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor activities there are many factors that we need to take into account. For example one of these could be the individual needs of the child. Children need different activities and environments set out differently depending on their age group. We need to make sure that the groups we are running meet the needs of the children that the group is aimed at. Play and Stay is a group that is accessible for 0-5 years old. When planning this group we need to make sure that it fits the needs of the children attending without implementing risk towards them. So in Play and Stay we insure that we have activities that the children need. We have a baby corner set out for under ones or less mobile babies for example we would have; soft flooring clean age appropriate toys that comply with the British safety standards, stimulating e.g. teething toys, diff textures, make diff sounds – things to help them promote crawling/walking i.e. walkers. Because babies regularly put toys into their mouth, the equipment needs to be kept clean and sterile to prevent cross contamination and infection. For older children who would have more mobile equipment like slides, bikes and climbing frames the safety factors to take into consideration are the maintained of the equipment e.g. making sure it’s safe, all hinges and screws etc work properly. The space to use the equipment safely for example you wouldn’t have bikes in a small enclosed room. The type of floor, if I had a climbing frame outside is the floor soft so that if a child falls they are at less risk of harm. Also staff ratios. Is there enough staff for the environment the children are in. As well as making sure that the equipment/toys are age appropriate and safe. It is important that children are in a safe and secure environment in which they can learn and develop safely. When it comes to specific risks to individuals such a pregnant women, we make them aware of the risks that are around. For example recently we had reported case of Hand, Foot and Mouth and Chicken Pox which is harmful to pregnant women and their unborn child. To make sure that they were aware of this risk we put up notices around the centre about this risk and personally informed any pregnant carer who came into the centre of this. My duty of care is to provide and safe and secure environment where children can learn and develop as individuals. To support us in this we have strict safeguarding polices and protocols that we adhere to for example some of our children are under a Child Protection plan and for these children parents are called into crèche when nappy changing is required.

1.2) Explain how health and safety is monitored and maintained and how people in the work setting are made aware of risk and hazards and encouraged to work safely Health and safety poster on wall, wash hands after loo, safety knifes, safey scissors, manual handling training, risk assessments on room and equipment, all electrical equipment is pat tested yearly and can not be used if not pat tested. Informed by email if changes in polices, would be mentioned in regualer team meeting and training to take place if anything changes or needs updating. Monitored by carrying out regular risk assessments, daily check list, crèche check list . H7S deligated person if any concerns came up. On groups be group leader. On room H7S delegated person. Crèche check list before group by play eam. Community tea, for courses checked by centre manager annually

1.3) Identify sources of current guidance for planning healthy and safe environments and services.

* My work’s current Healthy and Safety Policy and Procedure * Health and Safety Executive -
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